AML Policy

Welcome to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy of At BetWhale, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethics. This policy outlines our dedication to preventing money laundering activities on our platform, ensuring compliance with global AML regulations.

The Importance of AML Compliance

Global Standards

Money laundering is a serious global issue, and as a responsible gaming platform, BetWhale is committed to aligning with international AML standards. We work diligently to prevent and detect any suspicious activities that may involve money laundering or other financial crimes.

AML Risk Assessment

Customer Risk Assessment

As part of our AML measures, BetWhale conducts a comprehensive risk assessment of our customers. This assessment considers factors such as transaction history, account behavior, and customer profiles to identify potential risks associated with money laundering.

Transaction Monitoring

We employ advanced transaction monitoring systems to detect unusual or suspicious patterns of activity. Unusual transactions or behavior triggers a thorough investigation to determine if there is a potential AML risk.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Identification and Verification

BetWhale conducts rigorous customer identification and verification processes. Users are required to provide accurate personal information, including their name, date of birth, and address, during the registration process. Additional documentation may be requested for enhanced due diligence.

Reporting and Communication

Suspicious Activity Reporting

BetWhale has a robust system in place for reporting and investigating suspicious activities. Our team is trained to recognize red flags and report any potential money laundering activities promptly to the appropriate authorities.

Communication with Authorities

We maintain open communication with relevant law enforcement and regulatory authorities. In the event of a suspicious activity report, we collaborate with these entities to address the issue effectively.

Training and Awareness

Employee Training

All BetWhale employees undergo comprehensive training on AML policies and procedures. This training ensures that our team is well-equipped to identify, prevent, and report any suspicious activities on the platform.

Customer Awareness

We actively promote awareness of AML issues among our customers. Educational materials and resources are available on our platform to help users understand the importance of AML compliance and their role in preventing financial crimes.

Record Keeping

Documentation Retention

BetWhale maintains thorough records of customer information, transactions, and AML-related activities. These records are retained for the legally required period and are made available to relevant authorities upon request.

Compliance Audits

Regular internal and external audits are conducted to ensure the effectiveness of our AML procedures. These audits verify compliance with regulations, assess the efficiency of our monitoring systems, and identify areas for improvement.

Collaboration with Authorities

Information Sharing

BetWhale actively collaborates with law enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities to share information related to AML investigations. This collaboration is essential for combating money laundering on a broader scale.

Regulatory Reporting

In the event of a suspicious activity report or any AML-related concerns, BetWhale promptly communicates with the relevant regulatory bodies. Transparency and cooperation with authorities are fundamental principles of our AML policy.

Sanctions Compliance

Sanctions Screening

BetWhale conducts regular sanctions screenings to ensure that our platform is not being used by individuals or entities subject to international sanctions. This screening process helps us prevent transactions with sanctioned parties.

Account Freezing

If a user is identified as being subject to sanctions or involved in any illicit activities, BetWhale reserves the right to freeze their account and report the incident to the appropriate authorities.

Customer Cooperation

Verification Cooperation

Customers are expected to cooperate with BetWhale during the customer identification and verification process. Failure to provide accurate information or comply with the verification process may result in account suspension.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

We encourage our customers to report any suspicious activities they observe on our platform. Users can contact our support team or use designated reporting mechanisms to communicate their concerns.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Account Suspension

Failure to comply with our AML policies may result in the suspension of user accounts. This measure is taken to prevent further potential risks and protect the integrity of our platform.

Legal Consequences

BetWhale cooperates fully with law enforcement agencies in cases of suspected money laundering. Non-compliance with AML regulations may lead to legal consequences for the individuals involved.

Continuous Improvement

Technology Integration

BetWhale invests in cutting-edge technology to enhance our AML capabilities. This includes the integration of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools to detect and prevent money laundering activities.


The AML Policy of BetWhale underscores our commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity and compliance. By implementing robust risk assessments, due diligence processes, and continuous monitoring, we strive to create a gaming environment that is secure, transparent, and free from the risks associated with money laundering.